Automotive Direct Mailing Lists

Automotive direct mailing lists are perhaps the most effective direct mailing list offered by Mailing List Wizards. Our automotive direct mailing lists can be sorted by make, model, and year. They are 100% VIN coded, and we offer information on multiple vehicles per address.

For businesses that provide vehicle maintenance services, body work, or vehicle accessories, these lists can be an invaluable tool to your sales team. They allow you to target specific vehicles or the people that own certain types of vehicles that are most likely to require your services at an affordable price.

Mailing List Wizards is proud to offer the most complete automotive direct mailing lists available, and at a price that can’t be beat. In addition, our Listcounts online portal makes creating your perfect mailing list as simple and easy as possible. With features that allow you to save and edit lists easily, reporting software, and customer service to make your visit as simple as possible, creating a mailing list has never been easier. Contact Mailing List Wizards today to speak to a salesperson about creating the perfect mailing list for you!