Neighborhood Saturation Mailing Lists

If you’re a local business looking for an inexpensive way to increase your sales, you might want to consider “saturating” your market. A saturation mailing from Mailing List Wizards is a targeted offer to the true customer base of a local business. It is relatively inexpensive and can help your business reach customers quickly.

For many businesses, a saturation mailing can help you reach growth or retention goals. These lists are most useful for companies that are in the service or delivery businesses because they are most reliant on customers that are near the storefront, but any local business can benefit from experimenting with these mailings.

The clients of a small business generally live within two to five miles of the business. A good saturation mailing gives you instant name recognition throughout your neighborhood. Saturation mailings, combined with the awareness that comes with driving by a business nearly every day, can draw local customers to your business very effectively. For a local business, the price of a saturation mailing list is minimal and its value per piece can be substantial.

Saturation mailings are a great modern alternative to advertising in a newspaper. It has the same effect that a newspaper ad used to because you are getting the information out to everyone, but it is more valuable to your business because you can target specific neighborhoods and the mailer is specific to your business. Saturation mailings provide a much better opportunity for branding because your ad won’t be buried deep inside a newspaper.

Mailing List Wizards is proud to offer the most complete mailing lists available, and at a price that can’t be beat. Our neighborhood saturation mailing lists include over 152 million records updated monthly, and can be broken down to whatever route your business needs. In addition, our Listcounts online portal makes creating your perfect mailing list as simple and easy as possible. With features that allow you to save and edit lists easily, reporting software, and customer service to make your visit as simple as possible, creating a mailing list has never been easier. Contact Mailing List Wizards today to get speak to a salesperson about creating the perfect mailing list for you!