New Homeowners Mailing Lists

One popular way to create a mailing list is sorting by new homeowners. Mailing List Wizards updates our database of new homeowners weekly using deed records nationwide, ensuring that we always provide you and your business with the most accurate mailing list records possible.

New homeowner mailing lists are a great way to get your sales team access to people that are new to your area, or to make them aware of your local business’ brand. We offer the ability to sort homes by value, allowing you to zero in on your target market. These lists are also a relatively inexpensive way to jump start sales by targeting people that are most likely to be searching for new retailers.

Mailing List Wizards is proud to offer the most complete new homeowner mailing lists available, and at a price that can’t be beat. Our new homeowner mailing lists are updated weekly, and can be broken down to by whatever information your business needs. In addition, our Listcounts online portal makes creating your perfect mailing list as simple and easy as possible. With features that allow you to save and edit lists easily, reporting software, and customer service to make your visit as simple as possible, creating a mailing list has never been easier. Contact Mailing List Wizards today to speak to a salesperson about creating the perfect mailing list for you!


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